Websites are often-times the first impression a customer has of your business. If you saw an unimpressive website, would you be impressed with the brand? Probably not. The goal of a great website is to draw users in, engage them, teach them, and overall – help them enjoy their experience on your website. Needless to say, web design is extremely important to your online presence.

Washington DC is home to some of the best web design companies in the world – their clientele is impressive and their capabilities are seemingly endless. But what companies are the best of the best? We’ve compiled a top 10 list to help you choose the best web design company for your business.

Best DC Web Design Companies of 2020

If three of the best web design companies in DC weren’t enough, let’s add a few more to our list of favorites! Check out the chart below!

Company Size Location Reviews Overview

Lounge Lizard – Best of Breed Since 1998

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Lounge Lizard has 23 years of experience in website design and development, digital marketing, social media, seo, and mobile app development. Lounge Lizard Brandtenders and Marketing Mixologists have been driving leads and producing best of breed design and branding for clients across industries and around the world since 1998. Lounge Lizard has offices in NYC, Long Island, Nashville, Washington DC, and Los Angeles.

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  • "Lounge Lizard did an amazing job designing a website for us. Included all the design and functionality we requested. Frank, Cezar, Bob, Raynal, & Team did an amazing job and delivered a website that impressed our employees and coworkers. Professional from start to finish and with great attention to detail. Definitely would recommend them to a work associate."
  • "Lounge Lizard is amazing! They are way more collaborative and creative than other firms I've worked with in the past. They presented our team with BIG ad campaign ideas, as well as being critical in educating and helping our team better understand the market and what we should be doing to get the best bang for our buck regarding ads. Since we’ve been partnering with them, we’ve seen a substantial increase in more leads. Thank you Lounge Lizard!"
  • "Lounge Lizard is acting as an extension of our marketing department supporting multiple initiatives... some very complex in nature. We are extremely glad to have them on board to help us dive into these efforts without fear. Looking forward to a long partnership!"
Nclud Distributed
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Founded in 1998, nclud is an interactive agency that has been around for almost as long as the Internet itself. More than a digital creative agency, its team is known as unabashed agents of change. Born out of Washington, DC nclud has a global portfolio of brands that includes Adobe, NASDAQ, Discovery Education, The Grammys, Rosetta Stone, The Washington Post, Mashable, and more.

Interactive Strategies 10 – 49 Washington, DC
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Interactive Strategies

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Interactive Strategies is a small agency with locations in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, and Charlotte, NC. They offer strategy services, content and design, technology, and marketing to create a beautiful, effortless experience for clients.

Alliance Interactive 10 – 49 Washington, DC
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Alliance Interactive

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Alliance Interactive is a small agency based in Washington, DC. They provide services including SEO, website maintenance and support, and even website design and development. Click the button below to visit their website, or give them a call!

Ripe 10 – 49 Washington, DC
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Jake Group 10 – 49 Washington, DC
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Wide Eye Creative Undisclosed Distributed
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Wide Eye Creative

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Dupont Creative 10 – 49 Washington, DC
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openbox9 2 – 9 Washington, DC
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Old City Interactive 2 – 9 Washington, DC
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Old City Interactive

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Qualities of the best Washington D.C. web design companies

So, what do all of the Washington D.C. web design companies on our list have in common? A few things!

Check out some of the qualities that you’ll find in the best D.C. web design companies!

1. They communicate often

Communication is key in any relationship — even the one with your web designer!

The best D.C. web design companies will communicate often when it comes to your web design strategy, and most importantly, they’ll contact you soon after you show interest in their agency.

TIP: If you have to wait longer than three days to hear back from an agency after initial contact, it’s best to look at other agencies. Agencies that take this long to respond likely don’t provide the level of communication necessary to a great partnership.

Not only will the best D.C. web design companies contact you soon after you contact them, but they’ll be extremely open, transparent, and communicative throughout the web design process.

They’ll give you updates on the progress of your web design, and even communicate with you after the site is launched.

2. They let you have a say

Of course, a web designer is an expert at design. However, nobody knows your brand better than you.

The best Washington web design companies will let you have a say in the design and will look to you for approval.

Keep in mind that your web designer knows best in terms of design, but if there are colors that you don’t like, graphic styles that you’d like to stay away from, or other specific details that don’t fit your brand, don’t be afraid to speak up.

The best Washington D.C. web design companies will take what you have to heart and make necessary changes to ensure that you’re thrilled with the final result.

3. They suggest other services

When you opt to work with a web design agency, they should have your best interest at heart. This means that they should suggest and offer other marketing services to you when your web design is finished.

Every top Washington D.C. web designer knows that a website can’t succeed without marketing strategies like SEO and PPC, and they’ll be sure to suggest it as your web design progresses.

4. They publish their pricing online

If an agency doesn’t publish their pricing online, it could be a hint that there are hidden costs associated with their services. Be sure to look for a Washington D.C. web design company that publishes their pricing online so that you have an idea of what to expect.

It’s also crucial that you have an idea of how much each agency charges so that you can eliminate agencies who don’t fit your budget.

Why hire a D.C. web design company?

You’ve dabbled in web design before, and you’re not sure you need to hire an agency. Or maybe you have a few people in-house at your business who know a thing or two about web design.

Read on to learn why we recommend hiring a D.C. web design company.

1. They’re experts

Web design isn’t for everyone — it takes a lot of time, dedication, and raw talent. Not everyone is cut out to be a web designer, which is why hiring one can be so beneficial.

Web designers are experts in their craft. Not only do they know how to make a webpage look stunning, but they have knowledge in matching colors, selecting fonts, and even the psychology behind design.

Although web design might seem simple at its core, it can be extremely difficult for someone not trained in web design to create a website that is both beautiful and functional.

Leave it to the experts on our list!

2. They’ll save you time

Whether you’re an expert or not, creating a website on your own can take a lot of time. From prototyping to development, web design is a commitment.

When you’re running your own business, you likely don’t have the time to create a website. Between payroll and inventory among other things, your time should be dedicated to running your business.

You’ll save countless hours when you hire a D.C. web design agency to create the perfect website for you.

3. They’ll create something beautiful

If you’re not trained in web design, it’ll be difficult for you to create something that marries your brand, web design rules, and a beautiful aesthetic. That’s why it’s best left to the professionals.

When you hire a Washington D.C. web design company, you’ll have a finished product that looks clean, organized, and most importantly, beautiful.

A beautiful web design can keep site visitors on your pages for longer, sell more products, and even increase your revenue year over year — making web design one of the most important investments you can make.

4. They can offer and suggest marketing strategies

A website is nothing without marketing. If you want your audience to be able to find your newly designed website in search engines, you’ll want to opt for marketing strategies like SEO and PPC.

When you work with a top D.C. web design company, they’ll be able to suggest marketing strategies that would best compliment your website.

If they’re a full-service marketing company, they’ll be able to offer you those services in addition to your website design!

Which DC web design company is right for me?

We can provide you with a top 10 list, but unfortunately, we can’t pick the perfect web design company for your business.

That’s because you know your business best, and you know exactly what you want in a web design company.

You should first determine what your goals are, and find a company that is capable of attaining them. For example, if you want your web design to improve conversions, look for a web design company that has provided those results for clients in the past.

You should also look for a company that provides exactly what you’re looking for and stays within your budget. There’s nothing like committing to a company just to find out that there are hidden fees. Request a quote and talk to the company about your specific needs before deciding that they’re the perfect fit.

With those tips and our top 10 list in hand, we hope you’re able to find the perfect web design company in Washington, DC!