With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), companies have a brand-new way to design or redesign their website: with AI website design tools. From Wix ADI to Firedrop, you have several options to choose from, but is AI web design the smartest choice for your business?

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Learn about the most popular AI web design tools, plus get a breakdown on their advantages and disadvantages. With all this data, you can make the best choice for your business when it comes to hiring a web design agency or using an AI application.

What Is AI Web Design?

AI web design is the design of a website with artificial intelligence technology. By using an advanced algorithm, AI web design tools can provide your business with a variety of options when it comes to designing every page of your website.

While AI web design exists, many industry experts look at it as an “in-progress” software. It doesn’t have the technology to match the capabilities of a professional web designer. Still, businesses and designers experiment with these tools to test their progress, as well as find their faults.

Top 3 AI Website Design Tools

If you want to learn more about AI website design tools, check out this list of the top three:

1.      The Grid

The Grid launched around 10 years ago, which demonstrates the number of years already invested in web design and AI. As one of the first AI web design tools, it’s one of the most famous. That doesn’t mean, however, that it delivers on user expectations.

A screenshot of The Grid, a web design AI

The Good

For new and experienced users, The Grid offers a few advantages:

  • Powerful AI: Designers with extensive experience with AI web design often mention the power of The Grid’s AI, Molly. That’s because The Grid designed its AI to pass off specific tasks, like image processing, to humans.


  • Large community: With a decade of history, The Grid features an extensive community. Already, Molly’s created more than 200,000 websites. The number of people using this AI web design tool provides new users with access to an active and knowledgeable community.


  • Fast website creation: When you create a website with The Grid, it’s fast. You don’t have to wait through extended loading times or trudge through 404 errors. Instead, you can keep moving in the right direction.

Before trying out The Grid, though, check out its disadvantages.

The Bad

When it comes to The Grid, a lot of users comment on the following negatives:

  • Limited user input: When you start working with Molly, you’re encouraged to pick your site’s color palette and supply your site’s content. That’s where your opinion ends, though. Molly designs the rest of your website, preventing you from making any modifications.


  • Annual fee: If you want to use The Grid, you also need to pay a yearly This requirement can turn-off many potential users since this AI web design tool relies on technology that hasn’t reached its full capabilities.


  • Uninspired designs: A lot of users comment on the unoriginal designs delivered by Molly. One, for example, mentioned that Molly had created identical versions of his two websites for another user. The only difference was the content.

With the downsides and upsides of The Grid revealed, is it worth trying for your business?

The Verdict

While The Grid features a lot of potential, it’s not a realistic option for a business. If you want to succeed in your industry online, you need an original website that does more than feature your company colors. Every aspect of your site, from its layout to its colors to its images, should set you apart.

2.      Wix ADI

A popular website builder, Wix introduced Wix ADI in 2016. With Wix ADI, the company hopes to provide businesses with a streamlined, cost-effective, and personalized web design. Does this web design AI tool succeed, though?

A screenshot of Wix ADI, a web design AI

The Good

Wix ADI offers a few notable advantages, including:

  • Free: Anyone can use Wix. Whether you’re a free or subscribing user, you can use Wix ADI in building your website. This feature allows Wix to refine its algorithm, plus expand the usage of AI in web design.


  • Customizable: Unlike The Grid, you can also customize the choices of Wix ADI. If you don’t like its initial design, you can choose from another. You can also switch to the traditional site editor, though you can’t return to Wix ADI once you do.


  • Page templates: With Wix ADI, you can specify what kind of page you want to create, like a homepage, about page, or product This feature allows the AI to provide appropriate templates and options.

The perks of Wix ADI make it appealing to not only business owners but also entrepreneurs.

The Bad

That doesn’t mean Wix ADI is perfect, though. The AI web design tool also comes with a few flaws:

  • Slow loading times: If you have a massive website on Wix, then you need to prepare for a sluggish experience with Wix ADI. For long pages, like for product listings, it can take several minutes for Wix ADI to change the design.


  • Limited app selection: With Wix ADI, you can only access a select few apps. On Wix, apps can range from sign-up forms to online stores. If you want to use Wix ADI, as well as your apps, you will need to switch to the traditional Wix editor eventually.


  • Poor search optimization: A lot of search engine optimization (SEO) experts emphasize the poor SEO features of Wix, especially when it comes to URLs. The traditional Wix editor does offer more flexibility, but not Wix ADI.

Think Wix ADI is worth a try?

The Verdict

If you’re curious about AI and web design, it’s worth experimenting with Wix ADI. It’s free, which provides plenty of hands-on experience. That doesn’t mean your business should switch to Wix when it comes to your site, as Wix isn’t the most reliable platform for optimizing your online presence for SEO.

3.      Firedrop

A web design AI that operates similar to Molly from The Grid, Firedrop features a personal web design assistant, Sacha. With Sacha, your team can create a custom website by telling Sacha what you need, as well as by providing feedback.

A screenshot of Firedrop, a web design AI

The Good

When you use Firedrop, you have a few advantages, including:

  • Free to start: Like Wix ADI, you can try Firedrop for free. If you like Firedrop, you can pay a monthly fee to receive a custom domAIn, remove Firedrop branding, and expand your website from one page.


  • Customization options: Unlike The Grid, you can customize your website following Sacha’s design work. If you want to change fonts, for example, you can do that by selecting the appropriate interaction in the chatbot.


  • Mobile design support: The mobile-friendly design of Firedrop appeals to on-the-go users. You can create and modify your website with your smartphone, which is helpful because it ensures you have a responsive site.

Ready to learn about the downside of Firedrop for AI web design?

The Bad

As with any web design AI tool, there are a few disadvantages with Firedrop, including:

  • One-page sites only: Unless you invest in a monthly subscription, your team can only create one-page websites. While useful for entrepreneurs, a one-page site isn’t what most businesses need. That’s why Firedrop is a no-go for most companies.


  • Zero virtual store options: The inability to create blogs and virtual stores is another deal breaker for many businesses. It’s impossible to get the results you want, especially if you’re an ecommerce store, from an AI web design tool like Firedrop.


  • Chatbot interface: While a user preference, the chatbot-dependent interface of Firedrop can deter many people from using it. As a part of this interface, your team must always chat with Sacha to make changes or updates to your site, a stark contrast from Wix ADI.

Is Firedrop an AI web design tool that your business should use?

The Verdict

Unless you’re an entrepreneur or consultant, it doesn’t make sense to use Firedrop. That’s because the platform isn’t aimed towards businesses. While it’s a smart tool for consultants, photographers, or recent graduates, it doesn’t offer the value it needs to become viable for established companies.

Are Web Design AI Applications the Right Choice?

While applications like Wix ADI, Firedrop, and The Grid offer a new take on web design, they’re not ideal for businesses. They don’t provide the personalization of professional web design, as well as the guidance that comes from experienced web designers and developers.

If you want your company to have the best foundation in the online world, then you need to invest in a website created by a talented team. They can provide the customization and expertise necessary to launch a site that delivers the kind of experience that users want.

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