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1.     Paper Source

With hundreds of products, Paper Source requires a fast, intuitive website design. That’s what the ecommerce company got, allowing it to provide a seamless shopping experience for online shoppers across the world.

The Company

Paper Source is a retail business with not only an ecommerce store but also several brick-and-mortar locations. The company serves consumers, as well as businesses, with a variety of environmentally-friendly paper, stationery, and artisanal products.

The Site

The website for Paper Source serves a few purposes, including:

  • Provide online shoppers with ecommerce goods
  • Offer online shoppers’ options for visiting in-store
  • Highlight in-store events, workshops, and more
  • Access wholesale customers

The primary audience of this website, however, is online shoppers.

Browse the website, and you can tell by its design and focus that it wants to help online shoppers. This point-of-view makes sense since most people visit the site to browse and purchase products. In some cases, they may even be returning customers, having visited a physical Paper Source location.

The Design Wins

Paper Source features one of the best ecommerce web designs because of these critical wins:

  • Navigation Bar

The designers behind the Paper Source website took a smart approach to the navigation bar.

A screenshot of the Paper Source homepage

Paper Source’s main navigation bar focuses solely on ecommerce transactions. Meanwhile, a smaller navigation bar, which you can see at the top of the website, handles brick-and-mortar topics. It covers store locations, workshops, catalogs, and more.

This design move helps Paper Source provide the best experience to its core audience, online shoppers.

  • Seasonal Offerings

Next, Paper Source focuses on timely offerings. While it could feature its top-selling products, it aims to meet the motivation of most shoppers: to stock up for an upcoming event, holiday, or get-together. In the example below, Paper Source highlights its wedding and Easter collections.

A screenshot of seasonal promotional offers on Paper Source

If users scroll further down the page, they can find offers for clearance items, as well as shout-outs for new arrivals. The company even promotes seasonal deals for past holidays. In this case, that’s Valentine’s Day.

  • Dropdown Menu

Paper Source also features a helpful dropdown menu.

A screenshot of product menus on Paper Source

This dropdown menu does more than feature a helpful hierarchy for products. It also highlights which products are on sale, like the calendar, planners, and custom planners in the image above. Paper Source even includes the percentage off, motivating shoppers to check out these discounted products.

2.     Liingo Eyewear

A trusted partner of 1-800 Contacts, Liingo Eyewear earns a substantial amount of traffic from people looking for their next pair of prescription glasses. The company even offers non-prescription frames, expanding its audience (and site demands) even more.

The Company

Liingo Eyewear offers reasonably-priced prescription and non-prescription eyewear, which includes sunglasses, to users across the U.S. As Liingo Eyewear operates entirely online, the company places a significant emphasis on satisfaction, hence its in-home try-on program and virtual try-on software.

The Site

The site for Liingo Eyewear aims to accomplish the following goals:

  • Provide users with a seamless shopping experience for eyewear
  • Offer users helpful information, like by answering FAQs about eyewear and health insurance
  • Deliver a seamless trial experience for users that purchase eyewear

You can spot Liingo Eyewear’s commitment to a seamless shopping experience by browsing the company’s site. They offer easy-to-find information when it comes to FAQs about eyewear. Plus, they maintain a virtual try-on tool that helps shoppers narrow their choices.

The Design Wins

A few of the reasons why this is an excellence ecommerce website example include:

  • USPs Incorporation

If you browse Liingo Eyewear’s selection of frames, you should notice how the company emphasizes its unique selling points (USPs), without hurting the user experience. The company breaks up its product listings by inserting text that highlights its free lenses program, virtual try-on software, and more.

A screenshot of unique selling points on Liingo Eyewear

The careful incorporation of these USPs into the website’s design succeeds in multiple ways. It encourages users to purchase from Liingo Eyewear, without interrupting to their browser experience. Instead, this feature enhances it.

  • Virtual Try-On

The virtual try-on tool is another success for Liingo Eyewear. For many retail eyewear companies, it’s become vital to include a preview tool for online shoppers. The execution of these tools, however, varies.

A screenshot of the Virtual Try-On tool from Liingo Eyewear

Liingo Eyewear tool succeeds, though. The company even takes the extra step of asking users to record a video, versus taking a single photo, so that they can see how the lenses will look from the front and the side.

  • Color Preview

When you design an ecommerce site, you want to make the most of your shoppers’ time. Liingo Eyewear makes every second count, allowing users to preview color options while in the main product list versus requiring them to click to the product page.

A screenshot of product color options on Liingo Eyewear

This feature lets users to find the pair of frames they want fast. It also prevents them from becoming frustrated as they click back-and-forth between individual and main product listings. With this kind of speed, Liingo Eyewear can get users to check out sooner.

3.     SimpliSafe

A home security company with a focus on self-installation systems, SimpliSafe needs to provide shoppers with a straightforward process when it comes to finding the perfect system. That’s why the business created one of the best ecommerce designs.

The Company

SimpliSafe provides more than three million Americans with their home security system. The company emphasizes a simple, cost-effective installation process that doesn’t include a middleman. SimpliSafe’s website, however, needed to convey all this information fast, and without confusing potential buyers.

The Site

Browse the SimpliSafe site, and you can tell it aims to:

  • Provide a security solution for homeowners, renters, and even small businesses
  • Answer the most FAQs of buyers fast
  • Promote the USPs of SimpliSafe security systems

The site takes a targeted approach to accomplish these goals, which is why SimpliSafe only features a few pages. These pages include the homepage, product pages, and contact page. It doesn’t allow users to go astray. Instead, it keeps them on a straight path to conversion.

The Design Wins

A few of the features that make SimpliSafe’s website one of the best ecommerce designs include:

  • Find Your Security System

While SimpliSafe offers self-installation security systems, it recognizes that for many of its shoppers, self-installation is brand-new. They’ve never done it before, which makes it difficult for them to determine the kind of system they need.

That’s why SimpliSafe created a quiz for helping users find their perfect system.

A screenshot of the SimpliSafe product quiz

Shoppers only have to answer three questions: what kind of building they’re protecting, how big the property is, and how many doors lead to the property. Users don’t even have to provide an exact estimate when it comes to property size. They can select small, average, or large.

This quiz makes it easy for users to find their perfect system. It also creates a new lead for SimpliSafe, as the company requires shoppers to enter their email to receive their quiz results. This move can push users to that critical next step of purchasing the product.

  • Website Copy

The best ecommerce website designs also feature top-notch copywriting. SimpliSafe is no exception to this rule. Its website comes with short, snappy copy that tells users everything they need to know about the company’s security systems.

A screenshot of website copy on SimpliSafe

The example above is an excellent example of the site’s copy. In three statements, SimpliSafe tells shoppers what they need to know. It’s simple, easy, and quick for you to install and use SimpliSafe in your home, apartment, or business.

  • Trust Signals

As a security company, it’s essential for SimpliSafe to build user trust. That’s why the company’s website features several trust signals. You can find testimonials and ratings, as well as shout-outs from respected publications.

A screenshot of reviews on SimpliSafe

These trust signals, which appear throughout the website, drive shoppers to consider SimpliSafe and its products. For many rising businesses, like SimpliSafe, this can be a challenging task. SimpliSafe, however, knows it out of the park.


A screenshot of ratings on SimpliSafe

The company also highlights a few additional trust signals and perks that clients experience. These include a 60-day money-back guarantee, as well as free shipping and returns. Together, these benefits and trust signals can motivate shoppers to give SimpliSafe a try.

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