For designers and developers, as well as businesses, launching a corporate site is a massive undertaking. You have a broad audience and a tremendous amount of site traffic. That’s why — to set yourself up for success — you need to look at corporate website designs that do it right.

Explore three of the best corporate websites to inspire your team now:

1.     Apple

As one of the biggest companies in the world, Apple needed a site that could meet the expectations of millions of users across the globe. With the simple and intuitive design of, the tech company accomplished its goal, and then some.

A screenshot of Apple's homepage

The Company

Apple is one of the most well-known tech companies in the world. From computers to streaming services to smartphones, Apple is a core part of the everyday consumer’s life. Even businesses, like web design agencies, use Apple technology.

The Site

With Apple’s wide audience, the company needed its website to accomplish the following:

  • Offer a seamless shopping experience for consumers and businesses
  • Provide a fast, no-hassle support system and directory of support resources
  • Inform potential buyers, from companies to consumers, of product uses and value
  • Deliver locations, directions, and other information for in-store interactions or visits
  • Feature access for corporate information, like careers, press releases, and more

Apple needed to cover a tremendous amount of ground with its corporate website design. The company, however, kept to a simple design. This approach allowed Apple to deliver one of the best corporate web designs.

The Web Design Wins

A few of the biggest wins from this corporate website design include:

  • Simple Design

The simple design of the Apple website, from its navigation bar to its product catalog, demonstrates the critical role of a simple, rather than complex design. It also proves that a simple design is possible, no matter how broad your audience.

A screenshot of a simple design on Apple's corporate website

Apple also takes a minimalist approach to its copy. With short, to-the-point sentences, it conveys everything a user needs to know about a product or services. The iPad Mini, for example, gest the tagline, “Mini just got mightier,” which tells shoppers it’s faster and more powerful.

  • Shopping Menu

With years of history, Apple offers consumers and businesses a variety of choices when it comes to their product line. The iPad, for example, includes the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, and iPad Mini. Too many options, however, can make shopping stressful.

A screenshot of Apple's navigation menu

That’s why Apple created an additional menu, below the navigation bar, that appears on each product page. This menu provides consumers with additional information about the product. It also makes comparing two product versions, like an iPad Air with an iPad Mini fast and simple.

Apple also uses this menu to upsell shoppers. The iPad menu, for example, features links to several additional products for iPads. A few include the Apple Pencil, as well as a smart keyboard and miscellaneous accessories.

  • Sitemap

The sitemap on Apple also makes it one of the best business websites. It includes more than 45 pages, yet appears organized and to-the-point. For users, whether businesses or consumers, it’s easy to find what they’re looking for on the Apple site.

A screenshot of Apple's sitemap

Apple also uses its sitemap to address its other target audience: businesses. The sitemap features dedicated sections for government, education, and healthcare organizations. It also includes a section for students and educators.

2.     Pixar

Compared to many other corporate website designs, the Pixar site is unique. The company isn’t selling a product, but instead an experience to users. It also recognizes the variety of reasons that drive people to the Pixar site, which earned the film studio a top spot on our list of the best business websites.

A screenshot of Pixar's homepage

The Company

Pixar is a computer animation film studio, as well as a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studio. It’s behind some of the biggest animated films, including “Toy Story,” “The Incredibles,” and “Finding Nemo.” Even so, the company’s site doesn’t focus on selling its films but instead telling the story behind them.

The Site

With its corporate website, Pixar wanted to help visitors accomplish the following tasks:

  • Learn more about the Pixar company, its history, and its films
  • Offer educational resources, from text to storyboards, for users researching the films
  • Provide career-related resources for potential applicants
  • Highlight the company’s animation technology
  • Share up-to-date information on the company’s past and future releases

This checklist provided Pixar with the guidance for creating a top corporate website. It also emphasized who the company’s site needed to speak to, like professionals in the film and animation industry or educators researching Pixar’s past films.

The Web Design Wins

As one of the best corporate website designs, Pixar’s site comes with a few wins:

  • Organization

Like Apple, Pixar excels at creating an organized, simple website design. Whether people want to learn more about the company’s feature films, short films, career opportunities, or history, they can with the site architecture developed by its web design team.

A screenshot of organization on Pixar's corporate website

Even if you browse the company’s extensive list of feature films and short films, Pixar keeps it organized. They arrange the movies like product listings, allowing you to click on each one to learn more about its background and production process.

  • Imagery

The Pixar website is also full of high-resolution images. From movie posters to storyboard images, the company doesn’t skimp when it comes to its visuals. This not only provides an immersive experience for website users but also emphasizes the professionalism and quality of the company and its films.

A screenshot of Pixar's website gallery

  • Speed

For many businesses, the incorporation of videos and images into your site’s design can slow down loading times substantially, which doesn’t impress website visitors. The speed of Pixar’s website, however, is impressive.

Whether you’re arriving on the homepage, browsing the company’s internships, or exploring the dedicated page of a feature film, you experience zero delays in loading. This win is a tremendous boost to the user experience and a massive accomplishment for a site with so much visual content.

3.     Tesla

As one of the newest vehicle manufacturers, Tesla provides a unique car shopping experience, allowing users to bypass the dealership and order their car online instead. This move is why the company needed to create a top-notch corporate website design.

A screenshot of Tesla's homepage

The Company

A car manufacturer with a focus on eco-friendly, electric-powered vehicles, Tesla stands apart from many other car companies. It features not only electric-powered vehicles but also offers renewable energy services. The company’s versatility, however, introduced a web design challenge.

The Site

Tesla aims to accomplish the following goals with its website:

  • Provide a seamless shopping experience for users
  • Offer quick information about the company’s products and benefits
  • Include a support section for current and future Tesla clients
  • Highlight the latest company information to users and press

With its corporate website design, Tesla completed each of these goals.

The Web Design Wins

As one of the best company websites, there are several features worth highlighting, including these:

  • Product Benefits

While many other car manufacturers include an extensive network of dealerships, Tesla doesn’t. It does include stores and service centers, operated by Tesla, but not to the same extent as other car companies.

Tesla approached this challenge by allowing shoppers to order their vehicle online. To convince users to buy, however, Tesla needed to emphasize the benefits and features of its vehicles. It also needed to build trust with people who couldn’t test drive one of the company’s cars.

A screenshot of product benefit listings on Tesla's corporate website

In response, every product page (above the fold) highlights the vehicle’s features. It also includes the following statement, “If you haven’t test driven the car, you can return it within 7 days or 1,000 miles, whichever comes first.”

This copy makes it easier for users to move forward with the buying process. From a web design perspective, the position and format of the text works well. It captures the attention of shoppers, which can lead to another purchase.

  • Support

The company’s support page also works well, plus encompasses the company’s entire audience. From future vehicle owners to current vehicle owners to energy users, Tesla provides valuable information for every one of its clients.

A screenshot of Tesla's support page

Tesla also provides users with the most critical information first: a phone number. When users arrive on the support page, they immediately receive the company’s preferred number for sales and existing orders and emergency roadside assistance.

  • Hamburger Menu

In a unique web design move, the Tesla website features a hamburger menu, in addition to its main navigation bar. This web design choice allows users to access the company’s products and additional information without scrolling to the bottom of the page.

A screenshot of a hamburger menu on Tesla's corporate website

With this design choice, Tesla helped improve the usability of its page. It also allowed users to take action faster, rather than scrolling without results, which can push users to leave a site frustrated and dissatisfied.

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