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The Best App Development Companies

Rankings as of May , 2018

If you want people to communicate with your company via mobile devices, you need to have an app.

Having a website is great — but apps allow you to place your logo right on a user’s phone. That means every time they go to write a text, use Google, or even scroll through their home screens, they’re going to see your company.

That gives your users the ability to contact you whenever they want, and they do it all in your space and on your terms.

But programming an app takes a lot of learning and know-how.

That’s why it’s smart to contract an agency to help develop an app for your company. That way, you oversee everything from the color scheme to the fonts you use, all to make sure your app says the right things about your business.

These 30 companies have proven that they can work with all kinds of businesses from small-town B2Bs to enterprising B2Cs. If you want an app made for your company, start your search right here.

Award-winning iPhone and Android apps for startups and enterprise clients. Strategic app planning, design, and development, QA, user testing, branding, etc.

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We design and build beautiful world-class iOS, Android, and Web apps for startups and big brands like Six Flags, AAA, L.L. Bean, Runkeeper, B&H Photo, and more.

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Contus is a SMAC driven Digital Transformation Company that helps businesses upscale by leveraging technologies with a wide range of IT product and services.

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Top Firms of 2018

App Development

Now that you’ve looked at the top three, check out the rest of our list of the best app development companies!

Company Website Pricing Location Employees Company Score
1 . Fueled $$$$ New York 100+ 8.22
2 . Raizlabs $$$$ Massachusetts 51-100 8.08
3 . Contur $$ California 100+ 7.91
4 . ScienceSoft $$ Texas 100+ 7.73
5 . Macadamian $$$ Canada 100+ 7.60
6 . Zco Corporation $$ New Hampshire 100+ 6.63
7 . Oxagile $$ New York 100+ 6.60
8 . Yalantis $$ Ukraine 100+ 6.29
9 . Apadmi $$ Texas 100+ 6.12
10 . Intersog $$ Illinois 51-100 5.99
11 . Clarity Ventures $$$$ United Kingdom 26-50 5.97
12 . Y Media Labs $$$$ California 51-100 5.71
13 . WillowTree, Inc. $$$ Virginia 51-100 5.59
14 . Exygy $$$$ California 26-50 5.39
15 . ArcTouch $$$ California 100+ 5.35
16 . XIM, Inc. $$ California 100+ 5.32
17 . Shockoe $$$ Virginia 26-50 4.89
18 . Hedgehog Lab $$$ United Kingdom 26-50 4.84
19 . SFCD $$$ New York 26-50 4.48
20 . Appster $$ California 51-100 4.13
21 . Dogtown Media $$$ California 26-50 3.51
22 . Mubaloo $$$ United Kingdom 100+ 3.50
23 . Jackrabbit Mobile $$ Texas 26-50 3.33
24 . Provectus $$ California 51-100 3.30
25 . Rocket Farm Studios $$$ Massachusetts 26-50 3.16
26 . Five $$$ New York 100+ 2.94
27 . Junction Creative $$ Georgia 26-50 2.40
28 . Alterplay $$ Ukraine 26-50 2.28
29 . Blue Whale Apps $$$ Florida 26-50 2.14

These 30 agencies have proven that they’re the best in the world. If you want an app that you can be sure will impress your customers and attract tons of downloads, these companies can make it happen.

As you’re looking through these agencies, keep in mind that any one of them is a fantastic potential partner for your business. If #30 works for you and #1 doesn’t, that’s not a problem — these companies have all earned their successful track records.

All you have to do is choose!

App Development Companies

Apps are the wave of the future. They’ve revolutionized the way people interact with their electronics, their daily lives, and even each other.

With that in mind, every industry in the world can use an app. Whether you want to sell products or offer services to people who don’t know much about your industry, an app can help you bridge the gap from possible lead to paying customer.

App development companies are there to look into your industry and find out what could be improved. They want to figure out the small annoyances or inconveniences that could they could solve to turn your app into a runaway hit. It doesn’t have to be big — and it doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. It just has to do its job.

However, since app development is still relatively new compared to web design, you should have a basic understanding of it before you partner with an agency. Determine what you want to do, find some apps that you think work really well, and bring those materials to your app development agency. They’ll help you figure out what’s do-able and what’s not.

They might even figure out a way for you to have everything you want on a reasonable budget!

The key is to educate yourself before you start talking to an app developer. Learn some of the basics so that a shifty salesman can’t talk circles around you when you’re in negotiations. Get competing quotes from different agencies so you can retain the leverage in your search.

These small ideas may not seem like they’re that important, but they can make a huge difference when it comes to your future app.

After all, do you want your company’s app made by a swindler? Or do you want to partner with an accomplished, hard-working developer?

The best way to tell the two apart is to educate yourself and thoroughly vet the agencies you contact.

If you’re looking for other agencies to help with your business, take a look at our lists below!


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